Definition of Homestretch

What does the term "homestretch" mean in the world of horse racing? What is meant by the term "homestretch"?

In horse racing, the "homestretch" is the part of the race track that is directly in front of the grandstand, which is where the fans sit.

The King explains the meaning of the term Homestretch, when it comes to horse racing and placing bets on them.The opposite of the "homestretch" is the "backstretch", which is parallel to the homestretch and across from the grandstand.


If you are listening to a horse racing announcer, you will often hear them say something like:

"They are coming into the homestretch!"

This means that the horses are coming into the final portion of the race, as the finish line is usually directly in front of the fans.


The homestretch is the most exciting part of the race, as some horses will fade in the later portions of a race, while others will excel due to their strength and conditioning.