Definition of H2H

What is the definition of the term "H2H" as it applies to the world of daily fantasy sports? What does the term "H2H" mean in the DFS world?

In the daily fantasy sports world, H2H means "Head To Head".

So, if you enter a H2H event, this means that you will be battling one-on-one against another player.

Definition of the term H2H in Fantasy Sports - DictionarySo, let's say that you elect to enter a H2H contest in Week 17 of the NFL season.

Your team is going up against the team of another player. Whoever finishes with the most points wins.

So, if your team that consists of Andrew Luck, Justin Forsett, DeMarco Murray, Martavis Bryant, Dez Bryant, Torrey Smith, Greg Olsen, Cole Beasley and the Panthers D finishes with 178.77 points, you only need to finish better than your opponent to win. So, if your opponent finishes with just 142.88 points, you would take the victory, which would be roughly double the amount of your entry fee. So, if you paid $10 to enter a H2H event, you should walk away with $20.

In H2H matches, players are well-advised to take players who are solid performers, week after week. For instance, a player like Antonio Brown, who rarely has any off weeks, would be a smart addition to a H2H team. With GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pool) events, more speculative plays are advised in order to "fade" the rest of the field.