Definition of Getting Down

What does the term "getting down" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "getting down"?

In sports betting, "getting down" refers to the action of placing a wager on a game.

For instance, somebody might say something like this:

Definition of Getting Down - Sports Betting Dictionary"The Dolphins are seven point favourites over the New England Patriots? I'm withdrawing my life savings and getting down on the Patriots plus the points!"

There are a wide variety of ways to "get down" on a game and place a bet.

Some people choose to only wager when they are in Las Vegas.

Other people will have a local "bookie" that they use to "get down" on games.

Many, many people, on the other hand, will choose to place their bets online instead.

There are many different ways to successfully put wagers on games, especially in this day and age.