Definition of First Set Piece (00:00 - 4:59)

What does the term "First set piece (00:00 - 4:59)" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "first set piece (00:00 - 4:59)?"

When it comes to betting on football, sportsbooks will often offer a line that allows you to bet on which type of set piece will first occur in the first five minutes of any game, if any occur at all.

First Set Piece - Betting term explained.  In photo:  Crystal Palace player taking a throw in for his team.For instance, in an English Premier League game between Crystal Palace and Leeds, the First Set Piece (00:00 - 4:59) line looks like this:

Throw in, 1.53
Free Kick, 4.33
Goal Kick, 7.50
Corner, 12.00
Penalty Awarded, 101.00
No Set Piece, 51.00

The throw in, as you can imagine, is the most common set piece, so it has the greatest odds of happening in the first five minutes of the game.

If you think things will be crazy early on in the contest, you can be on a penalty being awarded in the first five minutes (and before any other set piece).


It's quite rare that a set piece DOESN'T occur in the first five minutes of a match, which is why the "no set piece" line is usually trading north of 50.


If you are short for time and can only catch the first few minutes of a game, this is a good bet for you.