Definition of First Half Bet

What does the term "first half bet" mean? What is "first half betting"?

First half betting is exactly as it sounds - you are betting on who you think will be leading at halftime.

For instance - let's say that FSV Frankfurt is playing Kaiserslautern in German Bundesliga 2 action. The "1st half betting" line might look like this:

Definition of the Betting Term - First Half Bet - Sports DictionaryFSV Frankfurt, 4.40
Draw, 2.05
Kaiserslautern, 2.50

If you think that FSV Frankfurt is going to be leading after the first half, you would want to bet on them. In this case, a successful €100 wager on FSV Frankfurt to be leading after the first half would yield a total profit of €340.

On the other hand, if you think that the game will be a draw after the first half, you can bet on the "draw" line at 2.05. So, a successful €100 wager would result in a total profit of €105.


Of course, there is also "second half betting" available as well.