Definition of First Basket / Winner Parlay

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What does the term "first basket / winner parlay" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "first basket / winner parlay"?

With the first basket / winner parlay, you are picking:

1) Who will score the first basket of the game

2) Which team will win the game

What is the meaning of the betting term First Basket / Winner Parlay?  The King explains.  In photo:  Washington Wizards player holding the ball.  Bet on it!In order to win your ticket, you must get both of these things correct.

On the other hand, due to the long odds involved in correctly picking the player that will score the first basket of the game, the potential payoffs are quite large.

For instance, let's say that the Washington Wizards are playing on the road against the New York Knicks.

Let's take a look at one example of a first basket / winner parlay:

Kyle Kuzma / New York, +850

So, in this case, you are betting that:

1) Kyle Kuzma will score the first basket of the game

2) The New York Knicks will win the game

If you get BOTH of these things correct, you will get a substantial return on your investment - $850 in profit for every $100 that you wager.

Here are some more lines from the game:

Julius Randle / New York, +900
Kyle Kuzma / Washington, +1600
Kristaps Porzingis / Washington, +1600