Definition of First Basket Betting

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What does the term "first basket betting" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "first basket betting"?

"First basket betting" is one of the most popular basketball bets.

The King explains the meaning of the basketball betting term - First Basket Betting.  In photo: The Free Throw.When the "first basket betting" lines, you are betting on which players will be the first to score points in a game.

*Note: some sportsbooks will count the first field goal of the game, while other sportsbooks (like Fanduel) will count the first points. You should check with your sportsbook to see how they score these lines

People like the first basket lines because:

1) They offer attractive odds
2) They are settled very quickly


For instance, let's say that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Golden State Warriors. Some of the first basket lines for the game might look like this:

LeBron James, +225
Steph Curry, +265
Anthony Davis, +300
Klay Thompson, +275

So, let's say that you decide to put $100 on LeBron James scoring the first basket of the game.

If LeBron James opens up the game with a basket, you would receive a total profit of $225 on your wager.


People who want a bit of a gamble can bet on lesser known players that are confirmed starters, as their odds to score the first basket will be much higher.