Definition of Dynasty League

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What does the term "dynasty league" mean in the world of fantasy football? What is meant by a "dynasty league"?

In fantasy football, a "dynasty league" is when you can keep players on your team, year after year.

Dynasty League - American football term explained.  What is it?  In photo: Davante Adams going for it for Las Vegas Raiders.This is different from a "redraft league", when you draft new players every season.


With a dynasty league, you start with a "start-up" draft, which is where all of the league's offensive players are available to be added to a team.

Younger players are given a premium in dynasty leagues, as you can hold them for the entirety of their careers.

A young superstar wide receiver like Justin Jefferson, for instance, has a massive premium in dynasty leagues, as the team that drafts him will be getting top tier production for years to come.


Dynasty leagues will have "rookie drafts" before the start of every season as well, which is where teams can draft rookies and/or any players that are currently not on a team.

With rookie drafts, the worst team in the league will usually get the first overall pick, though rules will vary by league.

So, if you finish last in your league, you will benefit by getting the 1.01 overall pick in the rookie draft, which will usually be a very, very good player.


There are many layers of strategy in a dynasty league.

Some teams will trade all of their future draft picks in return for veteran players in order to make a run at the championship.

Some teams will tank and trade away all of their good players, in favor of draft picks.

There are many ways to play in a dynasty league, which is why they have surged in popularity over the years.


The biggest thing to understand if you are joining a dynasty league for the first time is that player values are quite different compared to a redraft league.

For instance, a player like Davante Adams will get drafted very high in a redraft league, though he holds less value in a dynasty league due to the fact that he is almost 30 years old.

Age is a big, big factor in determining value in a dynasty league, whereas age isn't nearly as big of a factor in redraft leagues.