Definition of Dog Player

What does the term "dog player" mean in the world of sports betting? What does the term "dog player" mean?

In sports betting, a "dog player" is a person who chooses to place their money on underdogs (the underdog is the team or player who is NOT favored to win).

For instance - let's say that the odds for a Champions League game look like this:

Definition of Dog Player - Sports Betting DictionaryMan City, 1.40
Draw, 3.20
Man Utd, 3.50

Now, the "dog player" would bet on either the draw or Man Utd lines, as both have fairly long odds of winning. A successful £100 bet on Man Utd would yield a total profit of £250, while a successful £100 bet on a draw taking place would yield a total profit of £220.

The "dog player" will look for underdog lines in which they believe there is some value. For instance, maybe the dog player knows that Man Utd usually plays Man City very tough, and perhaps they have a great chance of pulling off the upset. Perhaps Man City is being slowed by injuries, or perhaps the game is not particularly important to the Man City club.

"Dog players" will look for an edge by taking underdogs that they think provides some value.