Definition of Coffin Corner Kick

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What does the term "coffin corner kick" mean in the world of football? What is meant by a "coffin corner kick"?

In football, a "coffin corner kick" occurs when a punter attempts to angle a kick out of bounds right near the opponent's goal line.

The meaning of the term Coffin Corner Kick when it comes to American football is explained.  In photo:  NFL punter kicking the ball.In order to pull this off, the ball will need to bounce inbounds and then move out of bounds without first going through the endzone.

If the ball bounces and then goes into the end zone, there will be a touchback.

The term "coffin corner" comes from the Victorian era, where very small "corners" were cut into staircase landings.


The "coffin corner kick" has become less popular in recent years.

Now, most teams will attempt to punt as high as they possibly can, with the cover team attempting to run under the ball and down it within the five yard line.

Most punt returners will just leave the ball if the punt appears to be landing within the five yard line, with the hopes that it will bounce into the end zone.