Definition of Clean Sheet

What does the term "clean sheet" mean in the world of football? What is meant by a "clean sheet"?

In the world of football, teams/goalkeepers are said to "keep a clean sheet" if they prevent their opponents from scoring.

In photo: Ederson, the Manchester City goalkeeper.  Definition explained: Clean Sheet.  What is the meaning of this term?For instance, if Manchester City beats Arsenal by a score of 2-0, Man City will be said to have "keep a clean sheet" against Arsenal.

Sportsbooks will let you bet on whether or not a team will post a clean sheet in a game - for instance, the odds might look like this:

Will Man City Post a Clean Sheet?

Yes, 1.80
No, 2.25

So, if you bet on the "Yes" and Manchester City allows zero goals, you would win your wager.


Petr Cech has the record for most ever clean sheets in the English Premier League, as he posted a total of 202 clean sheets over 443 appearances.

This number is unbelievable when you think about it - 45.6% of Cech's appearances in goal resulted in clean sheets, which is likely to be a record that never gets broken.