Definition of Butt Punt

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What does the term "butt punt" mean in the world of the NFL? What is meant by the "butt punt"?

A number of years ago, Mark Sanchez ran into the butt of his own defender and fumbled the ball, which allowed the New England Patriots to run the ball back for a touchdown.

That play was coined the "Butt Fumble".

Now, we have the "butt punt".

With the Miami Dolphins hemmed far back in their own territory, there wasn't much room to operate in the endzone as they were attempting to punt the ball.

Thomas Morstead, the punter of the Miami Dolphins, essentially had no room to operate.

As the Dolphins' defense attempted to hold off the rush of the Buffalo Bills, Morstead attempted to punt the ball away.

Instead, he punted the ball directly into the butt of one of his blockers.

The punt deflected backwards and went out of bounds.

The Buffalo Bills were credited with likely the easiest safety that they will ever get.


This is the "Butt punt".