Definition of Bull Rush

What does the term "bull rush" mean in the world of football? What is meant by a bull rush?

If you are met by an angry bull, chances are that they are going to sprint right at you to try and hurt you.

The bull isn't going to mess around - it is going to charge you in a straight line in an attempt to gore you.

The meaning of Bull Rush when it comes to the sport of American football is explained.In the game of football, a "bull rush" occurs when a defensive player rushes straight at an offensive lineman in an attempt to bowl them over to get to the quarterback.

Defensive linemen will use a variety of moves to get to the quarterback.

One of these methods is the "bull rush", where they will attempt to take advantage of an offensive lineman who is perhaps slightly off-balance or not expecting to be "bull rushed".

Offensive linemen are usually extremely strong and experienced, so bull rushes don't often work.

They can, however, be effective against inexperienced linemen.