Definition of Bearded Girls

What is the meaning of the term 'Bearded Girls' when it comes to the sport of soccer / football?

'Bearded Girls' is a movement by women of Iran to go against the ruling Islamic establishment, which forbids them to attend sporting events, and do so by disguising themselves as men. This often involves drawing in thicker eyebrows and gluing on a fake beard. Hence the name 'Bearded Girls'.

The women of Iran have been fighting for their right to attend football matches.The movement is quite popular on social media, where the women of Iran have been fighting a battle against oppression by their religious leaders.

Citing cultural principles and existing regulations, the ruling party has been making arrests and cracking down on women attending games.

The football governing body, FIFA, has been doing it's part by pressing the Iran government to guarantee women can attend official matches and to lift the entry ban which has been in place since 1979.

At this point in time women are only allowed to attend national games in the Azadi Stadium located in the capital, Tehran.