Definition of Auction Draft

What does the term "auction draft" mean in the world of fantasy sports? What does the term auction draft mean?

In fantasy sports, an auction draft is a different type of drafting format where people get budgets that they get to "bid" on players.

The meaning of the fantasy sports term Auction Draft is explained by the King.  What is it?For instance - in a standard fantasy football auction draft, teams might be given $200 that they can use to bid on players, with the highest bid getting the player.

For example - let's say that you really want Christian McCaffrey. You might decide that you are going to bid up to $70 for him. If nobody else wants to bid that high, you will be able to get him on your team for a price of up to $70.

If $70 is the winning bid for CMC, this would mean that you would only have $130 in budget left to allocate on the rest of your team.

Unlike the typical "snake draft" format, auction drafts give you the opportunity to add any player that you want to your team.


There is a tremendous amount of strategy involved in auction drafts.

For instance - do you sit back and wait while other players blow their budgets early?

Or do you go after the guys that you want early and then fill your holes with cheaper players later in the draft?

Auction drafts have gotten much more popular over the past number of years, as many people feel as though they offer the fairest way to conduct drafts.