Definition of Alt Regular Season Wins

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What does the term "alt regular season wins" mean in the world of NFL betting? What is meant by the term "alt regular season wins"?

As you know, you are able to bet on whether a team in the NFL will go over the "regular season win" total or under.

The meaning of the NFL betting term Alt Regular Season Wins is explained.  The King provides an example.  In photo:  KC Chiefs player with the ball.Sportsbooks will set a win total - for instance, the win total for the Chiefs might be 11.5, and you can bet over or under that total.

Now, you can also bet on "alt win totals" for the Chiefs, some of which might look like this:

KC Over 10.5 Wins, -210
KC Under 10.5 Wins, +175

KC Over 13.5 Wins, +260
KC Under 13.5 Wins, -320

KC Over 14.5 Wins, +550
KC Under 14.5 Wins, -750


As you can see, the further out you get from the total, the more polarized the odds for.

So, if you think that the Chiefs might post a 15+ win season, you'd want to take the Over 14.5 Wins line at +550.

This is how the "alt regular season wins" lines work.