Definition of Agent

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What is an "agent" in the world of sports betting? What does the term "agent" mean?

In the world of sports betting, an "agent" is somebody who refers a customer to a sports book. In exchange, the sports book will pay the agent a commission.

In the world of online sports betting, an agent is also known as an "affiliate". For every bettor that an agent refers to a sports betting site, the agent will usually receive a commission of somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25-30%, or a flat fee depending on the volume that they refer.

A drawing of an agent connecting the customer to the bookie.  Caricature.

Agents used to be more popular back in the days when "bookies" would be used to place bets. You know, the days when you would receive your winnings in an envelope delivered to your door. It was harder to connect customers with bookies back in those days, so agents would be much more useful when it came to connecting the two sides.

In this day and age of online sports books, however, "agents" are becoming less and less important, as anybody with a credit card can sign up online and place a bet with an online sports book.