Definition of ADP (Average Draft Position)

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What does the term ADP mean in the world of fantasy football? What is meant by the term "Average Draft Position"?

In fantasy football, ADP refers to the average position where a player gets drafted.

This can be handy when it comes to determining whether you think a player is overvalued, undervalued or perfectly valued.

The meaning of the fantasy football term Average Draft Position, or ADP is explained.  In photo:  Kansas City Chiefs are facing the Denver BroncosFor instance, let's say that CeeDee Lamb has an ADP of 9.1.

This means that, on average, CeeDee Lamb is taken around ninth overall.

You might decide that Lamb is somebody who should be taken later (like 13th or 14th), so based on that, you say that he is overvalued at his ADP.


ADPs will vary based on the type of draft that is being done.

For instance, in a superflex draft, the ADPs of quarterbacks will be much, much more.

Or, in a 1.0 PPR (Points Per Reception) draft, pass-catching running backs will have a much higher ADP compared to standard scoring leagues.