Definition of 3-Way Moneyline

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What does the term "3-way moneyline" mean in the world of betting? What is meant by the term "3-way moneyline"?

First off, a "moneyline" is a line where you are betting on a team to win a game, without any spread.

With the "3-way moneyline", you have a line that also includes the possibility of a game being a "Tie" at the end of regulation time.

In photo: Baltimore Ravens player fighting for the ball.  The  meaning of the betting term 3-Way Moneline is explained.  What is it?So, for instance, here is a hypothetical 3-way moneyline from a NFL regular season game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens:

3-way moneyline

Baltimore Ravens, +240
Tie, +1400
Cincinnati Bengals, -355

So, let's say that you take the Bengals to win at -355.

If the game is tied 17-17 at the end of four quarters but the Bengals end up winning in overtime, you would still lose your bet.

The bet is scored based on where the teams sit at the end of regulation time. So, if the Bengals end up winning the game in overtime, you'd still lose your bet, as the game was tied at the end of 4 quarters.


The 3-way moneyline can be used in any sport that features overtime, such as football, basketball and hockey, to name a few.