Definition of 1st Quarter Spread

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What does the term "1st quarter spread" mean in the world of football or basketball betting? What is meant by the term "1st quarter spread"?

The "1st quarter spread" is used in both football and basketball betting, and allows you to bet on a spread that just applies to first quarter of the game.

In photo:  Detroit Lions lineup waiting for action.  What is the meaning of the betting term 1st Quarter Sprad.  The King explains.For instance, let's say that the Detroit Lions are playing the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.

The 1st quarter spread line may look like this:

Detroit Lions, +1.5, -110
Kansas City Chiefs, -1.5, -110

So, if you take the Lions +1.5 for the first quarter and the game is tied 0-0, you would win your wager.

Or, for example, if the Chiefs are winning 7-6 at the half and you take them -1.5, you would lose your wager.


People tend to like these types of wagers as they are scored quickly (after the end of the 1st quarter), freeing up your money for other bets.