Coin Flip For Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson Main Event

Published on April 2nd, 2017 6:16 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
The main event of UFC 210 will see Daniel Cormier attempt to defend his Light Heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson.

There is a great deal on the line in this fight, as the winner of Cormier/Johnson 2 will almost certainly square off against the returning Jon "Bones" Jones. Jones is set to finish his suspension in the summer and his return will likely net the Light Heavyweight title holder a very large payday.

Anthony Johnson and Cormier have squared off once before, with Cormier notching a submission victory. Johnson had Cormier hurt in the fight, though Cormier was able to withstand the onslaught and eventually outlast the tired Johnson.

The script for the second fight will likely be the same - can Johnson finish Cormier early? If not, Cormier has fantastic wrestling and a nearly endless gas tank, which would spell big trouble for Anthony Johnson, who is known for expending his gas tank early.

Anthony Johnson has been a one-man wrecking crew as of late, destroying the likes of Glover Teixeira and Alexander Gustafsson. Cormier, on the other hand, is coming off of a victory over Anderson Silva at UFC 200. If you'll remember, Cormier was originally supposed to face Jones on that card, though Jones was pulled due to a positive drug test.


The oddsmakers have the Cormier/Johnson 2 fight as a coin flip. Here are the current betting odds:

Anthony Johnson, -110
Daniel Cormier, -110

The over/under line for Total Rounds may be the more interesting bet - here is the current line:

Over 1.5 Rounds, 1.66
Under 1.5 Rounds, 2.25

Now, Cormier has an iron chin, though Johnson is known for finishing his opponents early. If you believe that Johnson is going to win this fight, taking the Under 1.5 Rounds line makes perfect sense. It seems hard to imagine Johnson winning this fight if it goes into the second half of the second round.


Here are the round betting lines for each fighter:


Round 1, 6.50
Round 2, 7.50
Round 3, 10.00
Round 4, 15.00
Round 5, 29.00
By Points, 6.00


Round 1, 3.40
Round 2, 6.00
Round 3, 21.00
Round 4, 34.00
Round 5, 34.00
By Points, 15.00


I like Anthony Johnson to win this fight, and I like him to win it early. Johnson is simply too powerful and I think that he is going to catch Cormier this time around.

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