Cowboys Looking Down at Washington Redskins in NFC East Division

Published on October 26th, 2014 8:30 pm EST
Heading into this season, the Dallas Cowboys were widely expected to be one of the NFL's worst teams.

A patch-work defense, the skeptics surmised, plus an inconsistent Tony Romo would conspire to lead the Cowboys to a two or three win season.

The Dallas Cowboys have not followed the script, however, as they currently sit with a record of 6-1 at the top of the NFC East. The Cowboys have defied all odds by playing as a team on defense and heavily relying on DeMarco Murray on offense. This reliance on Murray has taken the pressure off of Tony Romo and resulted in less mistakes and more ball control.


The Washington Redskins, on the other hand, are looking square in the eyes of another disastrous campaign. The team is currently in last place in the NFC East with a record of 2-5-0 and is looking at another lost season. Robert Griffin III has been injured once again and Cousins has been mighty inconsistent in the starter's role. This has left the Redskins to turn to Colt McCoy, who will reportedly be getting the start on Monday night.


The Dallas Cowboys are 9 1/2 point favourites to win at home this Monday night against the Redskins:

Washington Redskins, +9.5, 1.95
Dallas Cowboys, -9.5, 1.86

The straight up odds:

Washington Redskins, 4.75
Dallas Cowboys, 1.20

Finally the over/under line:

Over 49 points, 1.90
Under 49 points, 1.90


Can the Redskins pull off the upset on Monday night or will the Cowboys keep on rolling?

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