United States Grand Prix - Betting Odds, Event Details, Records and Favourites to Win

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Date: 2023/10/20-22
Location: Circuit of Americas - Austin, Texas

The United States Grand Prix is one of the oldest Grands Prix in the history of Formula 1. The tournament dates back to 1908 and has seen the best of the world compete at the American Circuits. With the formula 1 Aramco, United States Grand Prix 2022 scheduled for next month, here is a detailed and comprehensive look at the upcoming race.


Everything about the United States Grand Prix - The race taking place in Austin, Texas these days.  How to wager on it?The United States Grand Prix started as the United States Grand Prize in 1908. The inaugural races were staged at the Savannah Automobile Club of Savannah in March 1908. Until now, 50 editions of the US Grand Prix have been held at 10 different venues in the USA. The event has contributed greatly to the growth of the automobile revolution in the United States of America.


Though US Grand Prix has been held at various venues over the years, the Circuit of Americas, located in Austin, Texas, has been the venue for the race since 2012. It is the premier motor-racing circuit in America and hosts several other events like NASCAR's Texas Grand Prix and the Motorcycle Grand Prix of the Americas.

The circuit has a total length of 5.513 km, while the 56 challenging laps make the US Grand Prix 308.405km long.

Past Winners:

The race is scheduled for the end of the year and is one of the last Formula 1 events in the F1 Championship. Thus, the winners of this Grand Prix generally have a better chance to clinch the F1 Championship, as well. The trend has been consistent as the two all-time great racers, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, lead the honor board with the most wins.

Lewis Hamilton:

The joint 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has won the US Grand Prix six times between 2007 and 2017. This included four consecutive wins between 2014 and 2017. At the 2021 US Grand Prix, Hamilton finished as runners-up with a 1.33 second time difference from the winner.

Michael Schumacher:

Another all-time great and 7-time F1 Champion, Michael Schumacher, has tasted great success at the US Grand Prix. His 5 victories at the US Grand Prix came in 2000. 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. His success with Ferrari was followed by Hamilton's first win at the US Grand Prix.

Graham Hill and Jim Clark:

The two British F1 Drivers, Graham Hill and Jim Clark, won the US Grand Prix three times. Clark won it while driving for Lotus-Climax, while Hill emerged victorious for BRM.

Hill won three consecutive races in 1963, 1964, and 1965 while Clark's victories came in 1962, 1966, and 1967.



Among Constructors, Ferrari has been the most dominant at the US Grand Prix. Ferrari has won a total of 10 US Grand Prix events till now.

Lotus and McLaren:

The two British car constructors, Lotus and McLaren, have been most successful with 8 wins each.


Mercedes has tasted a fair deal of success at the US Grand Prix in recent years. It has won a total of 6 events as a leading constructor. This included five consecutive successful campaigns between 2014 and 2019.


Among Manufacturers, Ford leads the history charts with 11 successful campaigns. Ferrari won 10 while Mercedes won 9 US Grands Prix as a car manufacturer.

Fastest Lap:

The record for the fastest lap at the US Grand Prix sits comfortably with Hamilton, who finished a lap in 1:38.485 while racing in Mercedes.

2023 Lenovo United States Grand Prix:

The 2022 US Grand Prix is scheduled between October 20th and October 22nd, 2023. Verstappen is the defending champion as he won the US Grand Prix last year. Let's the if he keeps on winning while solidifying his record at the top of the F1 Championship Table.


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