Where To Bet on Turkish Grand Prix

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The Turkish Grand Prix is set to take place between October 8th and October 10th.

This season has essentially been a two-horse race in Formula 1, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton winning the vast majority of teh races.

Verstappen has been particularly dominant this year, as he has five of the last nine races.

Lewis Hamilton, however, is coming off of a win in Russia last week, and is hoping to continue to gather momentum heading into the end of the year.


Unsurprisingly, Verstappen and Hamilton have, by far, the best odds to win the Turkish Grand Prix.

Here are the current betting odds for the racers with the best chances of winning:

Max Verstappen, 1.90
Lewis Hamilton, 2.30
Valtteri Bottas, 17.00
Sergio Perez, 17.00
Charles Leclerc, 34.00
Lando Norris, 34.00
Daniel Ricciardo, 67.00
Carlos Sainz, 67.00
George Russell, 101.00
Pierre Gasly, 201.00


Wins for races not named Verstappen or Hamilton are few and far between this season.

If you are looking for a true dark horse candidate to win, Lando Norris is fourth in points right now in the 2021 Driver Standings, though he is listed at 34.00 to win.

Event Details:

Venue: Turkey
Date: October 10th, 2021