Table Tennis Continues To Be One of Colorado's Most Bet on Sports

Published on September 4th, 2021 1:30 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Table Tennis is often bet on in the state of Colorado. What is the deal with people betting on table tennis in the state of Colorado?

Every month, the state of Colorado provides a breakdown of the betting numbers that took place within the state.

The state also breaks down the numbers by sport.

At the top of the list are all of the sports that you would expect to be there - football, baseball, basketball and even soccer.

The eye-opening number, however, comes when you look at how much is bet each month on table tennis.

In the month of July, for instance, over $8.6 million was bet on table tennis by bettors in the state of Colorado.

The vast majority of this was wagered online.

In July, $8,660,319.40 was bet on table tennis in Colorado, with roughly $8.657 million of this number being wagered online.

This is not a temporary trend - with each passing month, millions of dollars are bet on table tennis in Colorado.

In July, more money was bet on table tennis in Colorado than:

Mixed martial arts
Ice Hockey
NFL Futures


So, how did these table tennis bettors do in the month of July?

In total, they ended up losing about $800k to the casinos.

So, it's not like the fix is in - there are just people in Colorado who really, really enjoy betting on table tennis.


Another oddity from Colorado's July 2021 betting numbers:

Somebody bet $2.8 million on Olympic archery.


These numbers just go to show that people enjoy betting on everything, and it's not just your standard Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins straight up bets. There are people betting on literally anything at any given time.

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