Bettors Sue For "Racketeering and Fraud"

Published on May 14th, 2021 4:04 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The story develops.  Horse racing scandal that is shaking the betting industry. Four bettors - Michael Beychock, Justin Wunderler, Michael Meegan and Keith Mauer - have filed a class action lawsuit in California against trainer Bob Baffert and the owners of Kentucky Derby winner, "Medina Spirit".

All four men had second place finisher "Mandaloun" in a straight bet or parlay, and all four men contend that they deserve their winnings, as well as damages.

The four men are suing Baffert and the owners of "Medina Spirit" for racketeering and fraud.


A few days after the dramatic win by "Medina Spirit" at the Kentucky Derby, race officials announced that the horse had tested positive for Betamethasone, which is often used as a masking agent for doping drugs.

A second sample is being tested as we speak - if that sample comes back positive as well, "Medina Spirit" will be stripped of the win and the $1,86 million prize.


So, what's the issue? If "Medina Spirit" is stripped of the title and "Mandaloun" gets the winner, these bettors will be paid out, right?


"Medina Spirit" was declared the official winner, and sportsbooks paid out based on this.

Even if "Medina Spirit" is stripped of the title, sportsbooks will pay out based on the "official" result of the race at the time that they settled their bets. At that time, "Medina Spirit" was the winner.

So, in short, "Mandaloun" will not be the winner of the race as it pertains to sportsbooks.

This is why these four men are suing, as they will still be out their winnings even if "Medina Spirit" is stripped of the title.

Source: Action Network - Bettors File Lawsuit Against Bob Baffert & Medina Spirit Owners for Racketeering Fraud

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