Case Keenum Obliterated The Record Books During His Time With Houston

Published on June 17th, 2023 2:45 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Case Keenum is the all-time passing leader in college football. If you had to guess who was the all-time leader in college football passing yards, who would you guess?

Baker Mayfield? Patrick Mahomes?

The correct answer is Case Keenum, and it's not even close.


Over the course of his four year (and a bit) career at Houston, Case Keenum passed for a total of 19,217 yards (including bowl games).

The next closest player on the list?

Timmy Chang, who finished his career with 17,072 yards.

As we said - not even close.

The top five looks like this:

Case Keenum, 19,217 yards
Timmy Chang, 17,072 yards
Landry Jones, 16,646 yards
Graham Harrell, 15,793 yards
Ty Detmer, 15,031 yards


Case Keenum immediately won the starting job at Houston in his freshman year, passing for 2,259 yards and 14 touchdowns.

In his sophomore year, Keenum exploded, passing for 5,020 yards and 44 touchdowns.

Keenum was now on the map.

In his junior year, Keenum continued to trend higher, passing for 5,671 yards and 44 touchdowns.

In his senior year, Keenum shredded his ACL, cutting his season short after throwing for 636 yards.

The NCAA decided to extend Keenum's eligibility for another season, and he certainly made the most of it, throwing for 5,631 passing yards and 48 touchdowns.

In total, Keenum threw for 19,217 passing yards over the course of his college football career, and was a top 10 vote getter for the Heisman Trophy twice.


Despite being the all-time passing leader in college football, Keenum went undrafted, though he continues to play in the NFL to this day.

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