Bas Rutten Almost Taught Brian Urlacher About Mixed Martial Arts

Published on January 15th, 2024 2:20 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

There is always somebody tougher out there. There is no doubt that Brian Urlacher is one of the toughest football players to have ever lived.

Urlacher was a beast, and any mere mortal would have been crazy to want to tangle with him.

Bas Rutten, however, was no mere mortal.

Bas Rutten was a renowned kickboxer who won the UFC Heavyweight title and King of Pancrase title.

Rutten had wins over the likes of Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock and Guy Mezger.

Without a doubt, Rutten was one of the toughest men walking the planet when he accidentally stepped on Brian Urlacher's foot at a charity event.

According to Rutten himself, the former UFC Heavyweight champion quickly apologized to Urlacher and offered to buy him a drink.

Urlacher, however, was not in a forgiving mood.

Despite Rutten making numerous attempts to apologize, Urlacher wanted to escalate the situation, as he clearly didn't know who Bas Rutten was.

Urlacher asked Rutten if he wanted to step outside to settle things.

You can only imagine that Urlacher was perhaps momentarily stunned when Rutten said: "Sure!"


Urlacher, the 6'4, 258 pound Hall of Famer linebacker, would have stood zero chance against the former UFC Heavyweight and King of Pancrase champion.

The bouncers who were standing nearby surely agreed and quickly moved to diffuse the situation.

The near-fight was quickly broken up, and cooler heads prevailed.

There is no doubt that Urlacher left thinking that Rutten had been saved from a beating.

There is no doubt that just the opposite would have taken place if the two men HAD stepped outside.

There is a lesson here - no matter how tough you think you may be, there is always somebody tougher out there.

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