England vs Australia Betting Odds

Published on July 18th, 2013 12:22 am EST
The Ashes is a Test cricket series that has been contested between Australia and England for well over 100 years. The five match series is contested every two years between Australia and England, with England having won the last title. Australia, though, has won the Ashes urn a total of 31 times during the course of the event. The series has been extremely close during its history, however, with Australia going 31-30-5, while England has gone 30-31-5.

England won the first Test at Trent Bridge, and now the odds to win the entire Series look like this:

England, 1.22
Draw, 8.50
Australia, 10.00

So, according to these odds, a successful £10 wager on each outcome would produce a potential profit of:

England, £2.22
Draw, £75.50
Australia, £90.00


The odds for the second Test look like this:

England, 1.90
Draw, 3.60
Australia, 4.00

How many games will each team win during the Series? Let's take a look at those odds as well:


1, 11.00
2, 3.75
3, 2.75
4, 3.75
5, 7.50


0, 2.50
1, 2.25
2, 5.00
3, 17.00
4, 81.00

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