Alabama Currently Listed at 11/10 To Win Title

Published on December 8th, 2014 4:23 pm EST
The college football playoff rankings, not without their fair share of controversy, have now been set. The four teams that were granted entrance to the playoffs this year were:

Florida State
Ohio State

Alabama is currently the best of the four teams, though only by a hair. Oregon is, in many circles, considered to be the co-favorite, while Florida State and Ohio State both lag behind. Speaking of Ohio State, the team was able to leapfrog Baylor and TCU to get into the playoffs, thanks, in large part, to an exceptional effort in their last game of the season.

The two preliminary playoff games look like this:

Alabama vs Ohio State
Oregon vs Florida State

Alabama and Oregon are expected to win their games, setting up a potential tremendous Alabama vs Oregon battle in the finals. However, this is college football, and absolutely anything can happen. Let's not forget that fact that Florida State are the reigning college football champions and havenít lost since last season. Let's also not forget that Ohio State is likely the hottest team in college football right now.


Here are the current odds of each of the four teams winning the title:

Alabama, 11/10
Oregon, 17/10
Florida State, 13/2
Ohio State, 7/1

As you can see, Alabama and Oregon are the favorites, while both Florida State and Ohio State lag far behind.

In case you were curious, here are the odds for each of the four potential final games that we could see:

Alabama vs Oregon, -160
Alabama vs Florida State, +350
Ohio State vs Oregon, +400
Ohio State vs Florida State, +1200

According to the oddsmakers, a battle between Alabama and Oregon has a 61.35% chance of occurring, while the odds of Ohio State vs Florida State indicate that that result has a 7.69% chance of taking place.

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