The Time The Akron Pros Posted Thirteen Straight Shutouts

Published on June 14th, 2023 1:38 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The Akron Pros and one of the most unbreakable records in National Football League. The Akron Pros, coached by Elgie Tobin, were one of the first 14 teams in the APFA/NFL.

The Akron Pros, who wouldn't last very long as a franchise, possess one of the NFL's most unbreakable records - they posted thirteen straight shutouts over the 1920 and 1921 seasons.


The first season of the APFA was an absolute mess.

Games would be scheduled on the fly, and one team (Muncie Flyers) would play just a single game.

The Akron Pros, however, were completely dominant in 1920, compiling a record of 8-0-3.

The most eye-popping statline for the Pros? They allowed just seven points during the 1920 season.

The Akron Pros would start the 1920 season with five straight shutouts, waxing the likes of the Canton Bulldogs and Cincinnati Celts.

In their sixth game of the season, the Akron Pros would play to a 7-7 tie with the Cleveland Tigers, and this would be the only points that they would allow all season.

The Akron Pros would post five straight shutouts to close out the season, which included three more wins and two ties.


The 1921 season would include more of the same for Akron, as they allowed just 31 points over the course of 12 games.

Akron would post EIGHT straight shutouts to start the season, bringing their total shutout streak to 13 games.

Here is a look at how they started their 1921 season:

14-0 win over Columbus
41-0 win over Cincinnati
23-0 win over Chicago
20-0 win over Detroit
3-0 win over Canton
19-0 win over Rochester
21-0 win over Columbus
0-0 tie against Buffalo

After this impressive streak was broken, Akron fell apart, dropping three straight games against Dayton, Canton and Buffalo.

In fact, Akron would end up finishing third in the league that season, despite putting up eight straight shutouts.


After winning the championship in 1920, the Akron Pros would quickly fall off. The team suspended their operations in 1927, never to return.

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