Tokyo Clear Favourite To Win

Published on September 2nd, 2013 3:24 am EST
Next weekend, IOC members will gather in Buenos Aires for the 125th IOC Session to vote for the city that will host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The three candidate cities are:

Madrid, Spain
Tokyo, Japan
Istanbul, Turkey

As of this moment, Tokyo is the clear favourite to land the 2020 Summer Olympics. Let's look at the current betting odds:

Tokyo - 8/13
Madrid - 3/1
Istanbul - 3/1

So, according to these odds, a successful $100 wager on Tokyo would yield a total profit of $62 if they were awarded the 2020 Summer Olympics, while a successful bet on either Istanbul or Madrid would yield a total profit of $300.


If you are thinking about betting on which host city will end up getting the 2020 Summer Olympics, you should consider the fact that there have been some major upsets in the past. Cities that have seemed like mortal locks to land the Olympics have ended up being passed over, while cities that seemed to have very little chance ended up landing the Games.


Who do you think will land the 2020 Summer Olympic games?

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