Who Will Run Against President Trump in 2020?

Published on October 17th, 2018 9:39 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Presidential hopeful - Democrat - Kamala Harris - Photographed during a speach.  Year is 2018. The 2020 Presidential election in the United States is just a couple of years away. President Trump has already announced his intentions to run for a second term in the White House, which means that we now need to answer the question of who will run against him.

President Trump will have the incumbent's advantage in 2020, which will make him tough to beat, especially if the US economy continues to roar. Plus, President Trump is at his best when he is campaigning, so the Democrats will want to choose their candidate very carefully. Who can the Democrats choose that will electrify their base and give President Trump a true run in 2020?

As of this moment, there are four potential Democratic candidates that have odds of 10/1 or better to run against Trump in 2020. They are:

Kamala Harris, 5.5
Elizabeth Warren, 7.00
Bernie Sanders, 9.00
Joe Biden, 10.00

Elizabeth Warren was, at one point, the favourite to receive the nomination, though the recent controversy over her Native American ancestry has dented her chances of winning somewhat, though she is still one of the favourites.

Kamala Harris, as you can see, is the odds-on favourite to win, while Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden trail further behind. Many Democratic supporters are hopeful that Joe Biden will decide to run, as he is obviously closely linked to President Obama, who was one of the most popular Presidents in the history of the United States and continues to enjoy a tremendous amount of support.

Some of the other possibilities for the Democratic nomination include:

Kirsten Gillibrand, 15.00
Cory Booker, 15.00
Oprah Winfrey, 21.00
Tulsi Gabbard, 17.00
Michelle Obama, 29.00
Michael Avenatti, 26.00
Eric Garcetti, 23.00
Gavin Newsom, 34.00

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (41.00), George Clooney (51.00) and Chelsea Clinton (101.00) are also available to bet on if you wish to burn some money.


One thing is for sure - the 2020 Democratic candidate had better have thick skin.

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