WWE In Talks With State Regulators To Legalize Betting on Match Results

Published on March 8th, 2023 7:48 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Betting on scripted matches, such as the WWE.  Yes or no? Would you bet on the outcome of a scripted WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) match?

According to reports, WWE is currently in talks with state gambling regulators in both Colorado and Michigan to legalize betting on WWE matches.

The WWE, of course, scripts the results of their matches, so allowing betting on the outcomes would certainly pose some unique challenges.

For instance, how would the WWE combat results of the matches leaking early? Wnat would stop a wrestler from leaking the results of a match to their friends so that they could bet on the outcome?

The WWE says that they are going to utilize the services of Ernst & Young to prevent match results from being leaked to the public.

After all, the WWE says, people can bet on the results of the Academy Awards, so why not WWE matches as well?


In order to prevent match results from leaking early, WWE is planning on doing the following things:

1) Match results (for instance, the winner of the Wrestlemania main event) would be "locked in" months ahead of time

2) Wrestlers would only find out the results of the matches "hours" before they actually performed in the match

3) Ernst & Young would help to ensure that the results of the matches wouldn't leak ahead of time


It has been proven that legalized betting greatly improves ratings for sporting events.

After all, if you can bet on a game or match, you are probably going to watch on television, and you are probably going to stay tuned until the bitter end.

The WWE is thinking that having legalized betting on the outcomes of matches will result in improved TV ratings, and they certainly aren't wrong.

The question is - will regulators go for it?

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