Tom Brady Tops Our List of All-Time Stinkers

Published on October 24th, 2021 2:51 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Season opener of 2003 is a day to forget for Tom Brady. There have been some all-time horrible performances by some great quarterbacks.

For instance - Eli Manning once went 4-18 for just 27 yards in a game against the Baltimore Ravens in 2004.

Ben Roethlisberger once posted a 30.7 QB Rating against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006.

Aaron Rodgers once posted a 34.3 QB Rating agaisnt the Buffalo Bills in 2004.

Drew Brees threw 5 picks in a game against the Atlanta Falcons in 2012, while being kept out of the endzone.


These were some terrible, no-good performances.

The all-time worst performance by a great quarterback, however, is being reserved for the GOAT - Tom Brady.

2003 would end up being a great season for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, as they would end up compiling a record of 14-2 en route to a Super Bowl victory.

Their first game of the season, however, was an absolute travesty, as they would end up losing by a score of 31-0 to the Buffalo Bills.

Were the Patriots suffering in some way? Did they eat some bad food the night before? Did a fire alarm go off in their hotel?

Whatever the reason, the Patriots did NOT come to play.

Tom Brady was especially bad in this game - here was his stat line:

14-28 for 123 yards
4 Interceptions
2 sacks
0 rushes for 0 yards
QB Rating of 22.5


This was the "Drew Bledsoe Revenge Game", as Brady pushed out Bledsoe to become the starting QB of the New England Patriots.

Bledsoe would end up in Buffalo, and he surely enjoyed the 31-0 beatdown that the Bills inflicted on the Patriots.


This was surely Tom Brady's worst ever game.

True to form, however, Brady would get things together and end up leading the Patriots to another Super Bowl victory.

September 7th, 2003, however, will remain a day that Brady will surely love to forget.

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