Germany, Brazil and France Early Favourites To Win Football's Biggest Tournament

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is set to be hosted by Russia, will run from June 14th, 2018 until July 15th, 2018.

In total, 12 different venues in 11 different cities will play host to the 32 teams that qualified for the tournament.

The home of the 2018 World Cup final - Russia - Moscow - Stadium Luzhniki - Night shot with blue red and white colours.

Russia, which is the host country, automatically qualifies for entrance into the tournament. This leaves the 31 other spots up for grabs through the qualifying process.

Here is a list of the teams that have qualified so far, as well as their current betting odds to win the World Cup:

Odds Source: Bet365
Time Stamp: Friday, December 8th, 2017
Odds Subject to Change

Germany, 5.50
Brazil, 6.00
France, 6.50
Spain, 8.00
Argentina, 10.00
Belgium, 13.00
England, 17.00
Portugal, 26.00
Uruguay, 26.00
Columbia, 34.00
Russia, 34.00
Croatia, 41.00
Poland, 41.00
Switzerland, 81.00
Denmark, 81.00
Mexico, 101.00
Sweden, 126.00
Senegal, 126.00
Serbia, 151.00
Egypt, 151.00
Peru, 201.00
Iceland, 201.00
Nigeria, 201.00
Japan, 251.00
Australia, 301.00
Morocco, 401.00
Iran, 501.00
Costa Rica, 501.00
Tunisia, 751.00
South Korea, 751.00
Saudi Arabia, 1001.00
Panama, 1001.00

There are still a total of three spots that need to be handed out, as there are some playoff matches that still need to be contested.


The usual band of suspects has proven to be popular with gamblers so far, including:


Lionel Messi is in Russia to play a promotional game with Argentina (vs. Russia) ahead the 2018 World Cup.  November 2017.

The "dark horse" candidates that have drawn early interest from gamblers include:

Portugal, 26.00 (Portugal is the defending Euro champion and has arguably the best player in the world on their side)

Cristiano Ronaldo photographed during the World Cup qualification match.  Road to Russia.

Belgium, 13.00 (Belgium has a great generation of players. Is this their year?)

Arguably the best player on the Belgium team - Eden Hazard - in action for his country.

Russia, 34.00 (the home country will always draw interest - remember South Korea in 2002?)


Here is how all of the teams that have received tickets to the 2018 World Cup have qualified so far:

Russia - host nation
Brazil - won CONMEBOL round robin
Iran - AFC Third Round Group A Winners
Japan - AFC Third Round Group B Winners
Mexico - CONCACAF Fifth Round Winners
Belgium - UEFA Group H Winners
South Korea - AFC Third Round Group A runners-up
Saudi Arabia - AFC Third Round Group B runners-up
Germany - UEFA Group C winners
England - UEFA Group F winners
Spain - UEFA Group G winners
Nigeria - CAF Third Round Group B winners
Costa Rica - CONCACAF Fifth Round Runners-up
Poland - UEFA Group E winners
Egypt - CAF Third Round Group E winners
Iceland - UEFA Group I winners
Serbia - UEFA Group D winners
Portugal - UEFA Group B winners
France - UEFA Group A winners
Uruguay - CONMEBOL Round Robin runners-up
Argentina - CONMEBOL Round Robin third place
Columbia - CONMEBOL Round Robin fourth place
Panama - CONCACAF Fifth Round third place
Senegal - CAF Third Round Group D winners
Morocco - CAF Third Round Group C winners
Tunisia - CAF Third Round Group A winners
Switzerland - UEFA Second Round winners
Croatia - UEFA Second Round winners
Sweden - UEFA Second Round winners
Denmark - UEFA Second Round winners
Australia - CONCACAF v AFC play-off-winners
Peru - OFC v CONCACAF play-off winners

Of the teams that have qualified, Russia qualified the earliest due to being the host nation.

Of the teams that had to play their win in, Brazil qualified the earliest (March 28th, 2017). This was a full 2 1/2 months before any other team qualified.

The 2018 World Cup draw was held on December 1st at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia. The venue hosted 6,000 spectators, one of which was the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, photographed during a speach.  Blue background is behind him.

Here are the groups for the 2018 World Cup:

Group A

Saudi Arabia

Group B


Group C


Group D


Group E

Costa Rica

Group F

Korea Republic

Group G


Group H