New England Patriots 8/15 To Win AFC East

Published on July 15th, 2016 7:45 pm EST
Earlier today, Tom Brady and his legal team announced that they would no longer be pursuing any more appeals in the "Deflate-Gate" case. Brady revealed that he would be accepting his four game suspension and officially moving on.

This means that the Patriots will be without their starting QB for their first four games of the season.

Despite this fact, the Patriots still have very strong odds to win the Super Bowl next season. The general consensus seems to be that the Patriots will come back raging once Tom Brady returns to the line-up. If they can somehow finish .500 after their first four games of the season, there should be no worries about making the playoffs, especially given the relative weakness of the AFC East.


Here are the current odds for the Patriots to win the AFC East this year:

New England Patriots, 8/15
NY Jets, 5/1
Buffalo Bills, 5/1
Miami Dolphins, 13/2

Here are the odds of the top teams winning the AFC Championship:

Patriots, 4/1
Steelers, 17/4
Bengals, 13/2
Broncos, 15/2
Chiefs, 10/1
Colts, 12/1


This is certainly going to be an interesting year for the Patriots - will they use this adversity to fire themselves up, or will they let the Brady suspension bog them down?

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