Sports Clubs / Ultras: Ultras Napoli and Fedayn

Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli (or just Napoli) is one of the most supported teams in Italy; specifically the 4th most supported. They are also some of the most passionate supporters in football, with an urban myth saying that the roar from the crowd after a goal could be picked up on a seismograph at the nearby San Paulo university.

There are 2 "main" ultra groups from the southern bend of the stadium: The Ultras Napoli and the Fedayn. There have been plenty of ultras along the stadium's north bend as well, such as the Mastiffs, Vecchi Lions, Teste Matte and Brigata Carolina. These groups tended to be more riotous than the southern bend groups.

The groups have led to some awful scenes in the past. A Napoli supporter was killed in 2014 after a Coppa Italia final clash with Roma fans, despite Roma not even playing Napoli in the final. Other ultras were arrested for throwing "hazardous materials and invasion of a pitch at a sporting event".

Yaya Toure remarked after playing in their stadium for Manchester City that "when I set foot on that pitch I felt something magical, different... I realized what a mess we were in! I did play some important matches in my career, but when I heard that cry for the first time my legs were shaking! Well, it was there that I realized that for those people this is not just a team, it is a visceral love, like the one between a mother and a son!"

Napoli's ultras can produce moments of chaos and barbarism, but they can clearly also produce times of pure passion and joy for their city and their club.


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