Super Bowl MVP Odds

Published on February 4th, 2016 3:32 pm EST
Super Bowl 50, which will pit the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos, is rapidly approaching. The game will feature the seemingly unstoppable Cam Newton against Peyton Manning and the stellar Denver Broncos defense.

Given Cam's dominance this year, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that he is the current favourite to win the Super Bowl 50 MVP award. The latest odds have Cam Newton at 1.57 to win the award, far ahead of Peyton Manning, who is currently sitting at 4.50. Can Newton outmaneuver the Denver Broncos defense? Can Peyton Manning turn in one last stellar performance?

After Newton and Manning, there is a long drop until the players with the next best odds of winning.

Jonathan Stewart, who will be starting at RB for the Panthers, is currently listed at 21.00 to win the MVP award. Luke Kuechly and Von Miller, who both had incredible years for their respective teams, are listed at 26.00 to win the award. After that, four players - CJ Anderson, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Greg Olsen - are listed at 29.00 to win the award.

Some of the other names that could see some betting interest heading into the big game include:

Josh Norman, 41.00
Ted Ginn, 51.00
DeMarcus Ware, 51.00


The Panthers are the favourites to win on Sunday, though the Broncos obviously have a great shot at winning given the strength of their defense.

The betting world seems to think that Cam Newton is a near-lock to win the MVP award. If the Broncos can pull off the victory, some great value, including the likes of CJ Anderson and Demaryius Thomas, starts to look interesting.

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