Podein Said That He Smelled Like "Rotten Garbage on a Hot July Day"

Published on May 18th, 2024 3:03 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Unusual Celebration by Shjon Podein of Colorado Avalanche. Shjon Podein, who played 699 games in the NHL for a number of different teams, was known for his jovial nature and love of philanthropy.

Podein was truly a great guy.

Podein, however, is likely best known for his unusual celebration after winning the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001.


After the traditional Stanley Cup winning celebration in the locker room (champagne, etc), Podein decided that he wanted to forego the traditional post-game shower.

Instead, Podein wanted to remember the moment and elected to remain in his full uniform, pads and all.


For 25 hours straight after the final game in the Stanley Cup had ended, Podein remained in his pads and skates.

This included going to the club with his teammates.

All of Podein's teammates were dressed to the nines when they went to the club, but Podein was still wearing his uniform, pads and skates.

Podein even hit the dance floor with his skates still on.


In recounting the celebration, Podein said that he smelled like "rotting garbage on a hot July day", and that people gave him plenty of room at the club.

Perhaps it was the smell, and perhaps it was the sharp skates.


Podein wore his uniform for 25 hours straight after the game ended before he decided to take everything off.

This included a long nap.

By the time that Podein took his skates off, his feet was swollen to "twice their normal" size.

The party had been fun, but his body was revolting.


Podein would play for three more years in the NHL before finishing his professional career in Sweden, though I'm guessing he didn't have any more nights quite like he did in 2001.

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