MacDonald Current Favourite To Beat "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler

Published on April 15th, 2015 7:15 pm EST
On July 11th, in the co-main event of UFC 189, Rory MacDonald will take on "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler for the UFC Welterweight title.

The odds for this fight are quite unusual - after all, Lawler is the reigning and defending Welterweight champion AND he already has a win over MacDonald under his belt.

The bookmakers, however, have made MacDonald the favourite leading up to this fight - here are the current betting odds:

Robbie Lawler, 2.60
Rory MacDonald, 1.50

According to these odds, Lawler should win the fight 38.46% of the time, while MacDonald should win the fight 66.67% of the time.


Rory MacDonald has been attempting to earn himself a shot at the title for a number of years now but has always fallen a bit short. That was, of course, until he destroyed Tarec Saffiedine in October of 2014 to finally earn himself a shot at the title.

The general consensus seems to be that MacDonald has too many weapons and is too well-rounded to lose to Lawler, especially over the course of a five round fight. Lawler's supporters, of course, will point to Lawler's win over MacDonald at UFC 167 in November of 2013 as evidence that he has the tools to win.


Regardless of what happens, this should be a tremendous fight. MacDonald is one of the most well-rounded fighters in all of mixed martial arts and Lawler has the heart of a lion. This is a perfect co-main event fight for UFC 189 in July.

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