Sportsbooks Believe That Season Will Start on Time

Published on July 2nd, 2020 2:22 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The North American basketball season is still very much up in the air. On July 30th, the NBA season will officially get underway in the Orlando, Florida "bubble".

At least, that's the hope.

The Coronavirus is rampaging its way through the United States once again - on July 1st, a record for new cases in the country was posted.

This is obviously distressing news for many reasons, though it also raises the possibility that the season might be in peril.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver alluded to this possibility earlier in the week - if there is a major outbreak amongst the NBA's players or personnel, the season might be shelved.

After all, Florida is one of the Coronavirus hotspots. If there is an outbreak within the bubble, the virus could quickly spread throughout the players in Florida.

It's an issue that has all of the major North American sports leagues, not just the NBA, on edge.


With all of that being said, bookmakers firmly believe that the NBA season will start on time.

Here are the current betting odds for the NBA season to start on time, courtesy of a major offshore sportsbook:

When will the next regular season NBA game take place?

On or Before August 1st, 2020 -550
After August 1st, 2020 +325


If the start of the regular season gets delayed due to the Coronavirus, there is almost no chance that the season would continue.

After all, there is a very narrow period of time in which the league can fit in their planned regular season/playoff schedule, and even a week long delay could put their plans in jeopardy.

NBA teams will be travelling to Florida on July 7th to move into their "bubbles" and continue their training camps.

This is when things will get interesting.

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