Sports Nicknames - Chef Curry, Baby-Faced Assassin

Stephen Curry is one of the best point guards to ever play the game of basketball.


Nicknamed "Chef Curry" after a popular song by Drake, and "Baby-Faced Assassin" because of his killer instinct and quiet, unassuming, youthful looks, Stephen Curry revolutionized the game of basketball with his stellar long distance shooting. The two-time NBA MVP, Curry holds a record for most career 3 pointers and is for many the greatest shooter in the league history.

In 2014-15 Stephen Curry led his Golden State Warriors to their first title in 39 years, followed by two more back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018.

Curry is an elite ball handler and his shooting range is out of this world. He is comfortable shooting, and most of the time scoring, from well behind the arc. Curry is an excellent passer and great at stealing the ball from bigger players.


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