Sports Nicknames - Sid the Kid, The Next One, Darryl

Sidney Crosby is a Canadian hockey player, one of the best that has ever played the game.

Sidney Crosby illustration.  Profile drawing.  Art.  One of the best hockey players of all time.  Nicknamed Sid the Kid and The Next One.

Sidney is an exceptional talent. He is a powerful skater, he is hard-working, has quick hands and all-around hockey skills. He is a lurker and thinker in front of the goal and he scores with his brain it has been said. He has a special sense for the game of hockey.

Sidney Crosby led the Canadian junior team to the World Junior Championship in 2005. That same year he was chosen as the first overall draft pick by the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has played for the Penguins ever since, winning the Stanley Cup on three occasions so far. During his first days in the National Hockey League (NHL) he earned the nickname "Sid the Kid", as he was the one and only teenager in North American major sports league to win the scoring title. Around the same time he also got the nickname "The Next One", as he was the youngest player to reach 100 points in an NHL season.

With the Canadian national team, he won the Olympic gold medal in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics by scoring the overtime game-winning goal against their arch-enemy United States of America. Four years later in Sochi, Russia, he again led Canada to a gold medal. In 2015 he led the national team to yet another gold in the World Championships in Prague.

The Nicname "Darryl" Sidney Crosby earned during his time playing Junior Hockey in Quebec, Canada. He scored eight goals in his first exibition game and he got the name after a Hall of Fame hockey player Darryl Sittler, who scored 10 goals in a game back in 1976.

It has been quite a sports story so far for Sidney Crosby, the two-time NHL Hart Memorial Trophy winner for the best player of the season. And the best part is that his story is still being written, as he is still playing on an elite level and is considered to be one of the best players in the league.


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