Sports Nicknames - Mad Max, Super Max

Max Verstappen

It is always a great moment to see a young star rise to take the world by storm with his incredible talents and marvelous performances. In the world of Formula 1, Max Verstappen has been that character who had a last-second victory over the all-time Formula One Legend, Sir Lewis Hamilton, in the last lap of the 2021 Formula One Championship, as he toppled over the King by the barest of margins to become the F1 Champion at a young age of 21.

Max Verstappen the F1 star - Nicknamed Mad Max - Profile illustration.  Avatar drawing.  Digital art.

Verstappen had Formula 1 racing in his genes as his father, Jos Verstappen himself, was a Formula One Driver.

Verstappen had a fitting start to his career as he became the youngest driver to compete in Formula One at the age of 17 years and 166 days. While he was brought in as a replacement, he soon rose to the occasion as he became the youngest ever Formula 1 driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix. He won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix at the tender age of 18. In the process, he became the first ever Dutch Driver to win an F1 Grand Prix. By now, Verstappen had established himself as an accomplished Formula One Driver. With ever-increasing fan support and media attention, Verstappen has also fetched himself a few nicknames.


Mad Max:

The first of his two nicknames is a result of his aggressive instincts and impulsiveness. Verstappen was tagged as "Mad Max" following an unfortunate incident where he pushed Esteban Ocon and even kicked his car.

At the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, Verstappen looked all set for a win as he led the race by a relatively comfortable margin. However, his car tangled with Ocon's car as Verstappen attempted to lap him. The unfortunate tangle resulted in Verstappen missing out on a certain victory as the race ended in agony for him.

Following that, Verstappen pushed Ocon in anger and also kicked Ocon's car, which was deemed offensive. Many called Verstappen's response Insane and tagged him as "Mad Max."

Since then, the nickname has been particularly famous and is used to refer to Verstappen as an angry young man who has got plenty of fire in his belly.

Super Max:

A Dutch music group named Pitstop Boys produced a special song "Super Max." In recent years, Verstappen rose through the ranks and went on to win his first ever Formula One Championship. Following the win, he danced to the song "Super Max" on his winning night as celebrations erupted at his place.

Since then, Super Max is the fitting way to refer to Max Verstappen, who now looks well set to win his second consecutive Formula One Championship Title. His ability to drive at insane speeds and win the races by ridiculous margins have earned him the pole position not just on the racing tracks but also in the world of Formula One.

Super Max is the current King of F1 Racing!


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