Sports Nicknames - Beckenbonucci, Bonnie-Bauer

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Leonardo Bonucci is one of the greatest football center-backs Italy has ever had.


Bonucci is a leader on the pitch and the organizer of the back line. He is highly technical and in the past he played in the midfield position, but now he uses his ball-playing and long passing skills from the back. Bonucci can read the game, tackle well and hit the net from set pieces. On the Juventus and the Italy national teams his partnership with Giorgio Chiellini is legendary. It is perhaps the most solid back line in football today.

Leonardo's ball skills as a defender draw parallels with the iconic German Franz Beckenbauer, and is the origin of his nicknames "Beckenbonucci" and "Bonnie-Bauer".

Leonardo Bonucci won the Serie A Footballer of the Year in 2016 and is the 2020 European Cup winner with the Italian national team.


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