Sports Nicknames - Magic Alonso, Nano, Nando, Teflonso

Regarded by many in the F1 community as one of the best drivers of his generation, if not of all time, Fernando Alonso's reputation isn't merely built on victories.

Fernando Alonso, also known as Nano, Nando and Teflonso - Profile illustration / drawing.  Art.

His versatility, relentless work ethic, and combative racing style have allowed him to extract unmatched performance even from less competitive cars. It is this uncanny ability that has led many fans and pundits to hold him in such high esteem and earned him the nickname "Magic Alonso."

While "Nando" is a common affectionate nickname in Spain where Fernando is from, his Asturian roots gave rise to "El Nano."

His indirect association with F1 scandals "Spygate" and "Crashgate" led to the moniker "Teflonso", coined by Martin Brundle from BBC, suggesting Alonso's ability to remain unaffected by controversies.


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