Sports Nicknames - The Hoover, Dyson, Flaco, The Lighthouse

Fabinho is a Brazilian football player, one of the best defensive midfielders in the game.

Brazilian football star - Fabinho - Illustration, profile art.  Nicknamed The Hoover, because he vacuums everything up on the pitch.

Fabinho is a very versatile player and he can play several roles on the pitch. In recent times he has settled in the deep-lying midfielder position, from where he orchestrates the play. Fabinho is robust, agile and with his height of 6' 2" he dominates the midfield. Because of his ability to win the air balls and efficiently run the defense, he has been nicknamed "The Hoover" as well as "Dyson", both of which are brands of vacuum cleaners. Fabinho cleans everything up on the soccer pitch.

Fabinho started his career in Fluminese and made a name for himself playing in Monaco for five years starting in 2013. His glory days came once he signed with Liverpool in 2018, where he has so far won one Champions League and one Premier League trophy, playing under manager Jurgen Klopp. Fabinho is instrumental in the way Liverpool play and for his ability to read the game and see everything on the pitch so well, he has also been nicknamed "The Lighthouse".

Because of his slender figure, Fabinho is also called "Flaco" among his teammates, which means skinny in Spanish.


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