Sports Nicknames - King Eric

Eric Cantona is a figure that splits opinions. He is regularly recognized as one of the best players to play in the English Premier League, but he also regularly got in trouble for his lack of discipline.

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Cantona started his career in France, with his first professional club being Auxerre. He would bounce between 6 different clubs (Marseille, Nimes, Bordeaux and more) for a decade, regularly getting in trouble. In 1991, he was banned for 2 months and announced his retirement. However, he transferred to England after Michel Platini convinced him otherwise.

Leeds United were the first to get his services, helping the team immediately win the First Division title. The next season was less fruitful, but led to his transfer to Manchester United. With the Red Devils, Cantona would inspire the team to win 4 Premier League titles and 2 FA Cups. He scored a total of 82 goals for United in less than 5 years, which was basically unheard of for a midfielder at the time.

However, Cantona's career was full of disciplinary issues. Most famous was the "kung-fu" kick that he pulled off against a Crystal Palace fan. He faced a criminal charge and was banned from football for 8 months. He had done a similar move back in France in 1985, earning a 3-month suspension.

Despite Cantona's disciplinary issues, he is beloved by United fans and known as "King Eric" to them. He could provide assists and score goals like few others, but his issues of rage makes his legacy one of divided opinion rather than universal recognition of his greatness.

Still, Eric Cantona most certainly knew how to provide an entertaining match.


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