Sports Nicknames - Chicharito

Javier Hernandez is a Mexican striker who has the interesting aspect of being more widely known by his nickname Chicharito, which means "little pea". He even has it on the back of his shirt where players surnames normally go. This nickname is in honour of his father's nickname Chicharo (pea).

Illustration of Javier Hernandez, better known as Chicharito - Profile drawing.  Digital art.  Famous Mexican footballer.

Chicharito started his career at Mexican club C.D. Guadalajara before making a transfer to English giant Manchester United in 2010; the first Mexican to do so. He had a wonderful debut season, scoring 20 goals as the team won the title. His goal returns lowered slightly thereafter, only getting close in Sir Alex Ferguson's last season in 2012-13. He then fell out of favour with David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, before leaving Manchester for German club Bayer Leverkusen.

He actually found some good success with Leverkusen, scoring 39 goals in 76 appearances over the course of 2 years. He then joined West Ham United back in England, scoring some goals but then leaving for Spanish club Sevilla in 2019. After 15 appearances, Chicharito left Spain to play for L.A Galaxy in the United States, his current club.

While his recent years have been spent more as a wanderer, Chicharito's appearances for Mexico have been very successful and stable. He has scored 52 goals in 109 appearances, making him the all-time leading goalscorer. In addition, Mexico have won both the CONCACAF Gold Cup and CONCACAF Cup while he has played.

Some wonder if Chicharito could have been as successful as he initially was at Manchester United if Moyes and van Gaal had continued to play him. Others think he should have stayed in Germany for his success. Regardless, the Little Pea has scored goals wherever he has gone, making him a legend in his homeland.


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